Coming Out of the Autism Closet

Unless you are solar-powered and stuck in an inky crevasse (<-- Roman-approved vocabulary word) on a comet, then you know the news. Jerry Seinfeld may - or may not - have AUTISM. The other shoe? Dropped. Oh, and it probably doesn't have laces... for our purposes, let's just imagine a shoe with velcro, shall we?

Nov 18, 2014

Autism, Two Ways

While Quinn and Jeff were visiting UC Berkeley (because as Blondie sings, "dreaming is free"), I decided that Roman, big sister Lucca, and I should do something fun! <-- italics used to indicate future irony.

Nov 11, 2014

Joyriding in Autismland Podcast

Kid Gigawatt

On 3 things that made us better autism parents, plus 5 coping tools for bumpy days. Tested and approved.


May 23, 2014