James Ball

Show Notes

In episode three, I am delighted to speak with Dr. James Ball, a board certified Behavior Analyst, a private Autism consultant with over 25 years of experience, and current chairman of the national board of the Autism Society.

We talk about how he fell into the Autism field, and how he goes about evaluating school settings. Plus, he tells us a funny story. (Bonus!)

Dr. Ball's 2008 book, Early Intervention & Autism: Real-Life Questions, Real-Life Answers, is a must-read for parents who are new to the spectrum. In it, he boils an effective early intervention strategy down to 7 key elements- a fantastic overview before diving into specific therapies like ABA, Greenspan, Floortime, the Miller Protocol, etc.

Dr. Ball writes a regular column in the Autism Asperger’s Digest, and speaks at conferences all over the States.

For a funny anecdote from Dr. Ball’s talk at the Portland Autism Conference, check out my blog post here.


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