The Kids Are All Right

In honor of my oldest son Quinn turning 17(!) today, I'm posting episode 6: interviews that I did with him, my daughter Lucca, and the Romanator.

Living with autism is something we DO as a family, but it’s not something we TALK about, or lament, or curse the skies over. Because loving Roman to pieces? Is the one thing all of us, even my two teenagers, can agree on.

So it was really interesting to get an official window into what autism means to Quinn and Lucca. I hope you guys like it!

Roman, on the other hand, was so distracted by the new microphone I bought - to go all pro on my podcasting - that he replied “poop!” to every. Single. Question I asked.

And while off-topic - to his credit, he did speak directly into the mic. And he actually got down to answering some questions after a few passes. I left the poop! on the proverbial cutting room floor. <-- You’re welcome.

Check it out on iTunes here: and Stitcher Radio here (for all you new car owners with integrated Stitcher podcast capabilities, I salute you!):


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