Rupert Isaacson

Super excited to be chatting with journalist, travel writer, author, and documentary filmmaker Rupert Isaacson! I was deeply touched by his book and film The Horse Boy, documenting his epic journey to Mongolia with his wife and son Rowan, who has autism.

We talk about what Rowan was like before their trip (spoiler alert: like “ten toddlers in one body”), what they’ve been up to since the movie, and how Rowan is doing now (like one happy 11-year old).

Also, we can neither confirm nor deny rumors that Rupert has another book coming out in June. (<-- he does!)

And we talk about AC/DC – appropriately attaching Roman as Angus Young (complete with cardboard guitar), Halloween 2010. For those about to rock, I salute you!

I highly, highly (HIGHLY!) recommend the movie. You can stream it on Netflix, and here’s the trailer:

To learn more about the Horse Boy Method, check out Rupert’s website:

And check out the shop for Christmas: Holly jolly! Just bought the “Horse Boy Method Training DVD” for my husband’s stocking. (Act surprised, Jeff!)

Their Facebook fan page is:

And they can be found on Twitter under the handle @horseboyworld


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