Lauren O'Neil

Episode number 11 is with my boyo Roman's fantabulous In-Home Support staff, Lauren O'Neil, who has worked with Romi for a little over a year in our messy... chaotic... loud... *ahem* lively home.

Her little brother also has autism, and we chat about how she started working on behavioral plans in people's homes, and how autism has amped up both her patience - and her intolerance - at the same time. (<-- This will totally make sense!)

In Maine, In-Home Support is funded through Mainecare, which is everyone else's Medicaid. Your local Department of Health & Human Services will have all the applications and info. And even if you are over-income for Medicaid, you can still qualify for benefits via the Katie Beckett Fund. (It's a cold comfort, I know. But at least it'll save you some post-tax dolladollabills...)

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PS Here's a link to an article from the New York Times on who Katie Beckett was, and how she's so positively impacted families who have kids with disabilities.


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