Kara Wilson

I'm stoked to be chatting with Kara Wilson today. Kara has a 6 year-old daughter with Asperger's, and pens a fantastic blog called Karacteristic: Stirred, Not Shaken. <--LOVE.

I discovered her hilarious short story Welcome to Asperger's Island in the 2011 book Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories of Life on the Spectrum. And I read her story for you at the end of the episode. Heads on your desks, people- it's story time!

Catch Kara on Twitter @ellieswords, and on the world wide web at http://karacteristic.com. Did I mention that you MUST follow her on Twitter? That's where you can read gems like this from her daughter:

My favorite?

"Mom, if I don't have school tomorrow, maybe you could look up what the "f" word is for me."

Love the casual approach- nice try, Ellie. Nice try. *wink!*


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