Kid Gigawatt

Thrilled to be joined by my husband to discuss three things we feel have made us better autism parents people. I hope listening to these will get you thinking about how your past experiences relate to the spectrum.

Don't skip the last bit, where I list out our five favorite coping tools (spoiler alert: one of these may involve Jon Stewart, but I can neither confirm nor deny.) <--it's true!

Here is the link-o-rama mentioned on the episode:

Kid Gigawatt website:

Kid Gigawatt blog, called Thread & Wing: Navigating Autismland:

Kid Gigawatt movie teaser:

And... why are we doing this?

DSM 5: <--you can also use this as a fast-acting sleeping aid

My Autism Team: 

Jon Stewart:

Email me at with any suggestions, comments or additions to my lists- I already like you for being here! :)


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