Joyriding in Autismland Podcast

Lauren O'Neil

Episode number 11 is with my boyo Roman's fantabulous In-Home Support staff, Lauren O'Neil, who has worked with Romi for a little over a year in our messy... chaotic... loud... *ahem* lively home.

Her little brother also has autism, and we chat about how she started working on behavioral plans in people's homes, and how autism has amped up both her patience - and her intolerance - at the same time. (<-- This will totally make sense!)

In Maine, In-Home Support is funded through Mainecare, which is everyone...

Jennifer McIlwee Myers

Ok guys, if you need a laugh, this is the interview for you.

I first heard Jennifer McIlwee Myers speak at this year's Portland Autism Conference, and I cackled laughed. Inappropriately loudly.

Then I laughed the entire way through this interview, AND I laughed again a week later while editing the audio. I am a fan.

Jennifer was diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult, is married to an Aspie, has a sister with Asperger's, and a brother with Autism.

She co-wrote Asperger's and Girls in 2006, and wrote Read the article →

Rupert Isaacson

Super excited to be chatting with journalist, travel writer, author, and documentary filmmaker Rupert Isaacson! I was deeply touched by his book and film The Horse Boy, documenting his epic journey to Mongolia with his wife and son Rowan, who has autism.

We talk about what Rowan was like before their trip (spoiler alert: like “ten toddlers in one body”), what they’ve been up to since the movie, and how Rowan is doing now (like one happy 11-year old).

Also, we can neither confirm nor deny rumors that Rupert has another book coming out in June. (<--...

Dan Korins

Delighted to be speaking with Dan Korins, father to 19-year old Michael, an accomplished singer with autism. Michael was one of  8 Genius of Autism honorees in 2013, and can be seen singing on YouTube here. His Twitter page is @MikeKorins.

I chat with Dan about how Michael began singing, what his desired superpower would be, and what's next for them.


PS Dan mentions the DAN! Protocol: this refers to a specific Defeat Autism Now biomedical approach addressing diet, supplements, vitamins. We also saw a DAN! doctor with Roman for a couple of years,...

The Kids Are All Right

In honor of my oldest son Quinn turning 17(!) today, I'm posting episode 6: interviews that I did with him, my daughter Lucca, and the Romanator.

Living with autism is something we DO as a family, but it’s not something we TALK about, or lament, or curse the skies over. Because loving Roman to pieces? Is the one thing all of us, even my two teenagers, can agree on.

So it was really interesting to get an official window into what autism means to Quinn and Lucca. I hope you guys like it!

Roman, on the other hand, was so...