Thinking Inside the Giftbox

With Christmas peeping around the yuletide corner, here’s a quick video of the best gift we’ve ever given to the Romanator. Hint: ^ - ^


Now I know it’s the gift that keeps on givin’, and I’m not suggesting that you slink off and get a puppy for Christmas, but… Guys. Name me one better friend present that comes in a box (ok- besides wine)?

Truth be told, Romi was pretty anxious around puppy Rooney at first, but fast-forward a year and a half? Now they use each other as pillows. I think Rooney has the better deal on that.

Fa la la la la!*



* Arf!

PS If you’re not ready to take the doggie plunge yet, I highly recommend Monica Holloway’s 2009 book, Cowboy & Wills: A Remarkable Little Boy and the Puppy that Changed His Life. And you’ll want to buy a box of Kleenex with that too.

PPS Thanks to my dad, a.k.a. Capitano, for Romi's best friend! xo

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