Christmas Shopping with Author & Aspie Jennifer McIlwee Myers

Time's running down on the Christmas clock, and we're about to take this Autismland staycation on the road.

We're in a dead run around here- getting ready to pack the car with 3 kids, 2 adults, 1 dog (and zero partridges in pear trees) and drive from Maine to North Carolina, then down to Georgia, then back up to North Carolina, and back to Maine. (What? Are we the only ones who put 1,500 miles on the family car over the holidays?) <-- I thought so.

Maybe it's time for me to buy some gifts? Shopping at the mall *shudder* made me think of my podcast interview with Jennifer McIlwee Myers. Who is HILARIOUS.

I thought you guys might enjoy this holiday shopping decision tree that I concocted after interviewing her. *snork!*

To listen to the interview (you won't be sorry!), click on over here: Joyriding in Autismland.

And to learn more about Jennifer, here's a link to the show notes.


PS Not an owl? Me neither. So if you click on the image, you'll be able to see it a little bigger.

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