Happy New Year!

Y'all. Happy to be here among the living after our 4 failed lug nuts and 6-hour highway holiday "intermission". Crisis, averted. Starting our northbound trek today, and 2013 is so. last. year.

And as our first Kid Gigawatt year winds to a close, we are so incredibly thankful for YOU, our zero-hour people - reading our blogs, listening to our podcasts, donating your spare five dolladollabills, buying tees, and sharing us with your peeps. Our hearts are fit to burst!

So I surfed the wonder that is Fiverr and spent one of my own Lincolns to commission up some artwork for you guys, exploding with lightning bolts, stars, hearts, fireworks, a clock set to midnight, and a super-skinny fingernail moon brimming with new possibilities. Mwuah!

And I'm so excited to announce that our second "gig" is now funded, thanks to y'all! After-school jump rope classes for a kiddo with autism, from now through the end of this school year. We are Double Dutching with joy. Thank you!

I'll be getting back with you next week to announce our new gig. Rumor has it that it might possibly involve snow. <-- It's true!

2014 is gonna be the bomb, and we. can't. wait!



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