January in Podcastland

Here's what you've missed in January on the Joyriding in Autismland podcast - ahem! - hosted by yours truly.

Alisa Anderson directs the adaptive ski program at the Smuggler's Notch resort in Vermont, and we chat about her 98% success rate (<-- rough estimation) in getting kiddos with autism on skis and on the slopes. < cue the balloon drop > But wait, there's more! Check out my sleuthing on adaptive skiing here.

Wayne Gilpin raised a son with autism and founded powerhouse autism publishing company Future Horizons. He has written and edited several collections of funny stories with autism, and organizes conferences all over the world.

Kid Gigawatt - whatttt? That's not actually a person, so I interviewed my hubs and Kid Gigawatt co-founder, Jeff Waites. He's nice. We talk about therapies and why they're so critically important for kiddos on the spectrum.

Sarah Bronson directs the therapeutic horseback riding program at Riding to the Top in Windham, Maine, and is currently teaching the Romanator. Here's a post if you're hankering for more info on hippotherapy.

Jill Schacht (see also: the Roman Whisperer) is an Occupational Therapist who works with Romi once a week. We chat about how she became an OT, and she shares some tips and tricks on getting kiddos to complete non-preferred tasks.


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