Podcast Recap. Finally!

Hey y’all. We’re back in Maine after 2 weeks, 2,500 miles in the family station wagon with my husband, 3 kids and a dog, a hairy incident on the highway involving 4 missing lug nuts on one mercifully tenacious tire, my husband’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, Christmas, a trip to the Atlanta Children's Museum with my little man, New Year’s, one my husband's "top 5 dinners of his life" at the Fearrington House Restaurant (for the record, when I followed up with "are any of the meals I've made you over the past 20 years also on that list?" I received a noncommittal "...ummm..." I think I caught him off guard- next time, he'll probably phrase that differently...), and back to school. And while it was a little chilly in North Carolina just a few days ago, I could ice skate all the way to the mailbox today. Succotash!

I’m here with a recap of the last Joyriding in Autismland podcasts of 2013. “Finally!,” said no one, ever you exclaim. And a big thank you to you listeners, for rating and reviewing us up to number 1 in the coveted New & Noteworthy section on iTunes for the Kids & Family category, as of yesterday. We are feeling very minty!

Let’s do the podcast math, shall we? 2 in November + 4 in December = 6. (<-- don’t tell anyone, but I just counted that out on my fingers. But that’s what happens when you major in French to escape dreaded math classes.)

Here they are in order of appearance.

  1. The Kids Are All Right: interview with my three kiddos about living with and next to autism. Or “overneath” autism, as Romi is wont to say.
  2. Dan Korins: I chat with Dan about having a teenaged son, who is an accomplished singer, and who is incidentally also on the spectrum.
  3. Rupert Isaacson: filmmaker, author, and owner of a delightful British accent. We chat about his book and film, The Horse Boy, his therapeutic horseback riding foundation in Texas, and his learning method, which teaches kids via their obsessions. Bonus: we talk about poop. In a distinguished manner.
  4. Jennifer McIlwee Myers: honestly, most of this interview is of me laughing at author and Aspie Jennifer’s insights and jokes. She is funny. But we do also talk about how girls present differently with autism, why shopping on Black Friday is never a good idea, the Thor triple feature, and how she plans on surviving the zombie apocalypse. You know, the usual.
  5. Lauren O’Neil: is my son’s in-home support provider. She also has a younger brother on the spectrum, and Romi loves her to P-I-E-C-E-S.
  6. Jeff Waites: my old man, on Kid Gigawatt, the Romanator’s superpowers (Spoiler alert: these do not involve acid spit, or we would surely all be dead. Or maimed beyond recognition, at the very least.), positive ions, and the perks of raising a son on the spectrum.

Click here to listen, subscribe, rate, and *ahem!* review us on iTunes: Joyriding in Autismland. We will love you a hundred zeroes (= forever, in Roman parlance).

Here’s to a stellar 2014. *clink!*


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