Snow Day!

Here in Maine, snow days this winter are becoming a new routine, “a new normal”.

While I confess I feel a tinge of childish pleasure when winter grants us a mini break to catch up on sleep, reading, or indulge in hibernation food, I’m also admittedly feeling cabin fever simultaneously. But the kids still get excited about the snow, especially Roman.

He eagerly puts on his snow pants, hat and gear (I’m suddenly reminded of how impressive this is for him) and then stomps into the snow pack, which is about 2ft in our yard this year with Rooney our “polar bear” (yellow lab) to scream, throw snow, and run wild. Thankfully the snow muffles his decibel levels and he can do his thing, and I like that it slows him down. 

A challenge with autism is recognizing patterns, identifying influences, and adapting to ideas of a new normal. Weather patterns ebb and flow and change our familiar habits. They're a glitch in our system, an aberration that interrupts the reckless pace of much of contemporary life.

Altering our vision of the world like intensifying storms, autism is silencing and isolating many of our children from our beliefs of what is normal.


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