I’m writing today’s post from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia– it’s time for my yearly week-long clean food + hiking trip with my favorite sister. Just in time, too, because my fat jeans have recently become my skinny jeans. *sad face*

Whenever Jeff or I are away from the kids, we have an unspoken pact that the homebound parent will send the traveler familial updates via photo or video. This goes double for the Romanator because he cannot communicate what’s happened in the past. Except this one time recently… <insert twinkly flashback music here>

Halfway back home from our holiday vacation last month, Jeff took the kids to the hotel pool while I huddled under the covers on a mission to finish the book I was reading. An hour later, a humid Romi leaped onto my bed, smelling of chlorine. When I asked him how the pool was, he replied “I sunked.”Hmmm, I thought. I wonder what happened? Then Jeff arrived, wrapped in a towel, carrying a small pile of dripping clothes.

Roman, who hasn’t yet learned to swim and is usually appropriately cautious around water, was so excited about performing a “cannon box” that he launched himself into the deep end of the pool as soon as they got there. And promptly sunk to the bottom. (SURPRISE!) Jeff, still fully clothed, jumped in and fished him out.

These vivid, short term memories are the only ones he is apt to try to communicate, so we cling to the daily school reports, pictures, and video clips like mile markers to chart his day. Because, without the back story, we’re at a loss to understand what goes on in our absence.

Sometimes I wonder if he hangs on to specific memories at all. Or if, instead, his way is to fully inhabit the present moment as it comes. And living in the present, as scientifically demonstrated here, is the key to happiness. Unless, of course, you find yourself sunked.


PS The videos show some of the fun they've gotten up to since I left.

PPS The kids were asleep on Friday when I caught my plane down south, so this is Roman's goodbye kiss. I only received it once I arrived at Raleigh-Durham airport, prompting me to consider taking an immediate return flight home. Not fair! I'll retaliate next week when Jeff goes down to Atlanta for his father's 80th birthday- I'm thinking of sending little video clips to him every time Romi asks where Popi went. Which will be often. *evil laugh*

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