March in Podcastland

Y'all. HERE IN MAINE, THE BIG MELT IS ON. (Imagine I said that without shouting.) Winter has finally hit the skids, and all I can say is bring on mud season!

Here's what went down last month on the 'cast. By the way, I logged the 25th episode on Friday. I'm doing much better at this than with flossing!

Eric Tivers is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, coach, consultant, and counselor for ADHD and High Functioning Autism. He has ADHD himself, and just launched his own podcast. (Highly recommended!)

Tom Angleberger is the New York Times best-selling author of the Star Wars-inspired book series that began with Origami Yoda in 2010. Both himself and Origami Yoda's two main characters have Asperger's.

Tim Villegas is a special education teacher, blogger, podcaster, founder of the website, and crusader for the true inclusion of kids with disabilities.

Rachel See is a licensed music therapist, and has a private practice in Austin, Texas. We chat about how she uses voice, movement and instruments as tools in her therapy sessions. Very cool.


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