April in Podcastland

April? Not such a great month.

But mercifully, May has been off to a good start. Yesterday was Roman's birthday- he's 12 now, with the stunt mustache to prove it. He had been begging for Santa to bring a garbage truck toy (he is occasionally seasonally challenged), which he gleefully unwrapped after dinner.

In fact, he was so excited by getting the truck that he slept beside it last night, carefully arranging the covers over it so it wouldn't get cold, and he's watching the Mighty Machines epidsode "At the Garbage Dump" with his truck carefully lined up beside him right now. I'm guessing it watches through the headlights?

Here's the recap of last month's podcast episodes, just for you.

Kelley Fitch. Why, that's me! I grouped podcast episodes 1-29 according to the guest perspective to make a guide for you- I think parents took the win, with therapists, writers, and people with autism following close behind.

Julie Cole, Mabel's Label's entrepreneur, and momma to 6 kids, the oldest of whom is on the spectrum. We chat about ABA, camp season, and what's in a label.

Cynthia Lord, on her Newberry award-winning book Rules, her upcoming books, and consulting on making school libraries more accessible to kiddos with autism.

Chris Brogan, on his new book, and why it's a great time to be an entrepreneurial misfit. We talk about the unrealized potential of normal.

Kid Gigawatt. Oh hello! Jeff and I talk about our therapy-packed summer road trip documentary, where we'll be driving from Portland to Portlandia. So excited to hit the road- we leave June 15th!

Catch you next week,


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