When you buy this shirt, two things happen.

  1. you help us fund 6 weeks of music therapy for a kiddo with autism *puppy eyes*
  2. you amp it up to eleven (<-- This is Spinal Tap reference, kids. "It's one louder.")

And I’m pretty sure that both of those things? Make you a superhero.

My husband Jeff sketched this rockin’ amplifier especially for this 6-week gig in Austin, Texas, and the t-shirts will come in some very fetching colors. Doing good is gonna look great on you!

To learn more about music therapy, check out my post here, and listen to my podcast interview with card-carrying Music Therapist Rachel See here.

Get ready to help us stick it to the man and crank it up by putting another kiddo on the Five by Five wall of fame! The t-shirts will be up on the site for sale by the beginning of next week, appropriately sized and colored - thankyouverymuch.


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