Pennies In My Dimes!

I've always had a bit of a cackle (<--a poisoned genetic gift from my Mom's side). But these days, I even feel like the witch in Bugs Bunny racing around and leaving little metallic hairpin clouds in my wake.

Ermagerd. End of school, car servicing, return dentist trip (Romi only got around to sitting down in the chair with 3 minutes left on the clock. < Note to self: TRY THIS at next dental cleaning >, haircuts, ortho trips, track meets... And for the next two days, I'll be busing it back and forth to Boston to learn more about making great videos with my sweet free ticket to #Wistiafest. (Thanks, @Moz!) Then it'll practically be the weekend already. *two puffs off my inhaler*

And did I mention that we're leaving on June 15th for our family road trip documentary, driving from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon? Whose idea was that anyway?@!%? Oh, right. Never mind.

So a quick video post from the gossamer brink of burnout- I'm officially posting our teaser for this summer's movie. Here's what to do next:

  1. watch it (thankyouverymuch!)
  2. let me know what you think of it on Facebook *puppy eyes* - NO NEED to go all Roger Ebert on this
  3. while you're there, like our Facebook page (we like you)
  4. AND become an official Kid Gigawatt Brand Ambassador (SPIFFY) by sharing it with your people - because I bet we'll like your people too

Note: if Facebook ain't your thang, you can click here to tweet all about it. We minted up a brand new hashtag just for our documentary. The working title is "From Portland to Portlandia"), so the hashtag to use is #portland_ia (and yes, all the cool kids use underscores. Fact.)

The merit badge is in the mail! :)


PS The blog post title comes from an expression Roman coined (<--see what I did there? LOL. Sort of). He was all mad about something or other a few months back, and yelled "I got pennies in my dimes!" Which I'm trademarking on his behalf.




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