Quick post today as we circle the drain make our final preparations for our road trip. (Pray for me!) Packing lists *check*; camera gear *check*; one bag of clothing – shoes included! - per person *whattttttt tha blazes? Are we still in America?*; camping gear *check*.

<Insert reporter voice here> And in a terrible bit of irony, family drives off without son. (I’m only writing this because it happened to my sister. Granted, my parents loaded all her baby gear into their car and forgot her at my grandparent’s house. But still…)

Totally kidding, people. Because if we left Roman behind, I might have to get up on a trapeze. And no one wants to see a grown woman cry. (I still have PTSD from the Outward Bound ropes course from my senior year of HIGH SCHOOL. I wouldn’t go off the 3-story swing at the end of the course until a human pile-up ensued behind me, distracting me to the point where I actually ended up slipping off the ledge and ALMOST not surviving. Sadly, I do not perform well for witnesses.)

One thing that’s dead serious though is my blog posting schedule. It’s been an every Tuesday kind of deal since February 12th, 2013. And I’m guessing that I’ve finally shocked my Dad (in a good way) with my steadfast epistolary commitment. (<--No? Tough crowd.)

But truth be told? I’m letting myself off the hook. A little. Because since we’re trekking from Portland to Portlandia this summer, and will be tent camping more than would be considered strictly ladylike, I won’t be around the interwebs all the times.

So…. it’s not you. It’s me. Really. Don’t feel bad- I’ll be back full time in the fall. Pinky swear! And I’m guessing I’ll have lots o’ stories to tell.

In the meantime, I’ll have my social media lovin’ daughter Lucca keep all y’all up to date on the social media sites. Here they all are so you can follow us EVERYwhere.


I’m not gonna lie- we’re pretty fresh on some of these sites. (*cough*INSTAGRAM*cough*) But judging from the sheer amount of time my girl has her iPod in her direct line of sight, I think they’ll fill up pretty fast. (Love you, Lu!)

And while we run up our credit cards around the country, y’all can totally help us out by friending us or fanning us, or liking us, or sharing us. There is more than enough of us to go around- especially if you add in our summer gear. *wink!*


PS Ermagerd- we leave this Sunday!

PPS Check out the brand new page on our website, all about our documentary. (SPIFFY!)

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