Happy 2015!

Hey y'all! We're all officially writing our checks wrong again (actually- do people still even write checks any more?), and I wanted to recap our year here at Kid Gigawatt.

1. Adaptive Ski: thanks to our snow angels!
2. Music Therapy: <-- starting soon!
3. Um. Hey, look over there!

Okay- that's a little bit of a light year. Admitted. But I sort of dropped the funding/blogging/podcasting ball(s) on our summer drive across country (Roman's Holiday). We filmed our adventures and are editing down a full length documentary from the footage. The NSA will be close-captioning Roman. (I wish! Actually, it's only me with a pair of headphones. *sad face*) And the curtain has closed on 2014.

We're plotting a corker in 2015, tees and travels. Deets to follow! In the meantime, who can hook me up with someone at the NSA, code-breaking division?
Happy New Year!

PS: Anyone with a little extra holiday loot is cordially invited to donate a fiver towards our next gig: adaptive ice skating lessons for a kiddo in Ohio. Right here ---> DONATE!
PSS: The art above shows just a few of the fun things Roman did this summer :)

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