The One Thing Roman Wants for Christmas

Sometimes writing comes easy to me, and then I have bouts when my brain will. not. behave. My monkey mind refuses to be wrangled.

Actually, the ol' cranium is more like a sloth today, and I'm blaming it on my haircut. I really should schedule my bi-annual trim for any day OTHER than a Tuesday. Cause that's blog posting day, and I damn near fell asleep while that sorceress of a stylist was washing my head. I've been useless ever since.

She used products and a brush, and an actual blow dryer to straighten my hair- this is all very fancy. I'm usually living Mark Twain's quip: "Be careless in your dress if you must, but keep a tidy soul." And while my timeless spirit may be in need of an occasional martini, it rarely strays more than a few shades below white. Ish.

So today, I didn't corral my frizzy curls into a utilitarian bun like I always do; my locks are so uncharacteristically silky and flippy that I just can't concentrate. It feels dishonest, like I'm wearing someone else's wig. TMI? But do you SEE what creative kryptonite this cut & dry has been for me? This mental frozen fog is nothing less than an outrage.

On the upside, the very first thing Quinn said to me when he came home from school today was "nice hair!" My French gap year mom was right: one must suffer to be beautiful. Although admittedly, she was brandishing tweezers and eyeing my teenaged monobrow at the time...

So since deep thought is out today, I decided to interview Roman instead.


Q: "Hey Roman, What should I write my blog post on today?"

A: "On, like, a piece of paper."

^^ I love him. ^^


Q: "Talk to me about Christmas- what's the one thing you'd like for Santa to bring?"

A: "Um, I think I could have, like, a garbage truck or something."

Q: "But you have two green ones already. Are you sure you need another one?"

A: "Orange is a good one."

Q: "What would you put in an orange garbage truck?"

A: "I'll put pieces of paper in it."

^^ Wait, that's what he just told me to write my blog on. Stinker! ^^


On another day, I'd have a saucy comeback ready to volley back over. But today, I twirl my hair and hop online to order up some orange happiness.


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