Taking Your Medicine

I am not feeling well. I came home from Roman's weekly horseback riding lesson feeling like someone had tagged me with a tranq dart. I am in bed on a Saturday afternoon - an uncommon scenario.

Roman walks into the bedroom, asking me to put on my slippers. He wants salami, and his father is crashed on the couch downstairs. (Also rare for a Saturday.)

I move to get up, but my muscles protest. "Romi, where's Lucca?"

"Lucca? Oh. She's downstairs”, he repiles.

"Can you do me a favor and ask her to bring me some A-D-V-I-L?" I pronounce it slowly, not sure if he's ever heard the name mentioned before.

"Advil? Huh? What's that? Medicine?"

Pleasantly surprised, I say "YES! It IS medicine! Can you go down and ask Lu to bring me some?"

He gets to the top of the staircase and yells "LU! MOM NEEDS YOUR HELP!" Ooops! So much for Jeff's nap. :P

"Ask her for some ADVIL", I prompt.

Too late, his sister is already coming upstairs- she puts her hand on my forehead. "Are you feeling ok?"

"Yeah, I'm just feeling tired and a little worn down. Would you do me a solid and bring up some Advil, Lu?"

She disappears, and a few moments later, Roman returns. He is balancing a glass, and announces: "This is cold water." I am floored.

"THANK YOU, Roman. That was so thoughtful!" Then he drinks some, and hands the remainder over to me.

Philosophically, Roman doesn’t generally care whether a glass is clean or dirty. A glass is a glass, right? *involuntary body shudder*

I wonder where this particular glass came from, and discreetly check for floaters. But he stays to watch me swallow the pills Lucca brings, so I soldier on. I drink just enough to wash the Advil down, but not enough to get, say - a staph infection. (It’s all in the guesswork, people.)

And as soon as I put the glass down on my bedside table, Roman pipes up. "Mia. Mom. Kelley. There's no time to waste! Salami?"

I haul myself out of bed - because when it comes to questionable water, who cares if the glass is half full or half empty? What matters is who thought to bring it to you in the first place.



PS If you ever see a brand called Roman Water, I'd proceed with extreme caution. *wink!*

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