Lickety Split

The Easter bunny came by our (disheveled) house on Sunday and the whole thing was over before it started.

Plastics people: here's an idea. How about a special Maine edition Easter egg collection, in various shades of white, tastefully printed with a camouflage of dirt, sand, sticks, and pine needles? And maybe throw a few golden eggs too, for the dog lovers? (Call me, we'll hammer out the deets. PS: I think Alaska will be ALL over this too.)*

As it turned out, our hiding time was approximately seventeen times the finding time. Because when searching for pink eggs in snow, the day is over in two shakes of a rabbit's (cotton)tail. (<-- I apologize; it had to be done.)

The Easter bunny kitted out our kiddos with one sleeveless/short/mini outfit per customer (which they won't actually be able to WEAR until June), Roman scored some plastic people**, much chocolate was consumed, and it was a wrap. 

My husband Jeff captured the lot, then cut together this short and sweet video. <3

Catch you next week!


* We can call them MAINELY EGGS. Eat your heart out, Don Draper.

** Playmobils + dumpsters = Roman bliss.

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