Werewolves & Jazz

When Roman is still and calm- a rare occasion- I like to ask what he is thinking about. A few years ago, we were visiting Acadia National Park with Jeff’s parents and rented a no-frills cabin on Mount Desert Island (referred to as MDI by Main-AHHS). We had been out walking, and the carnivores among us had eaten freshly trapped lobsters. 

It was a bit chilly in the woods, but Roman was sitting alone on the little deck in front of the cabin for a couple of minutes before I noticed that he had gone outside. I eased the screen door open and sidled up to him, quietly asking: “Hey buddy. What are you thinking about?” Deep in his thoughts, Roman wistfully replied: “jazzzzz.”

The day before, on the three hour drive from Portland up to MDI, Roman had been quiet in the back; we were all happily in our heads, listening to Coldplay. Out of the clear blue, Roman violently sniffed the air, instantly grabbing our attention. Then he emphatically identified the smell, yelling “WEREWOLF!,” before falling silent again, and leaving us all crying with laughter. This is when I truly began to believe that Roman could take the lead in the next Wes Anderson movie.

I record voice memos on my phone when I want to remember these little moments that crack us up. So I pulled out my iPhone and fired up the app, re-enacting the werewolf scenario. Then I prompted Romi to remember his words on the deck. “Roman, what are you thinking about?” His new answer: “noncompliance!”

Listen to the May 30, 2010 recording by clicking on the arrow below.


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