Sup-AHH Cuts!

Every few months, we make an attempt at getting a haircut for the Romanator. Some days, it’s a non-starter. He doesn’t get out of the car. Other days, he’s coy. He steps inside the local Super Cuts, and possibly sits down on a couch while I put his name on the list. Most likely though, he’s flirting with the door, planning his exit strategy. And if it’s an iffy day, he’ll be preparing himself for shoe removal and imminent launch (read the related post here).

Yesterday though, I have to say that things went pretty well. I tried the “first-then” strategy- with better results than this other time. The hair stylists know Roman, possibly from his curly head, but more probably from his frequent stops and starts. Because once they book him into the computer, they have to go back and manually delete him out if he bolts- then they have some ‘splainin to do with the upper management. Why did they lose a perfectly good customer? Mercy- if they only knew!

I overheard one stylist tell another that “it’s ok once he actually sits down in the chair…”, so now they wait until he commits to log him into the official Super Cuts register. We take our milestones as they appear.

We could probably endure fewer trips to the Super Cuts if we had the nerve to chop off Roman’s hair. But we can’t. Because his curls are luscious. And because short hair on Roman invariably reminds us of crappy days- MRIs, Epilepsy meds, Boston Children’s Hospital, right temporal lobes, and brain surgery.

My bribe? A Subway salami sandwich with yellow mustard. AFTER you get your haircut, right? And it worked! The stylists know that he gets squirrely fast, and they have learned to cut his hair in under five minutes. Except that one time when he got half a haircut, and they didn’t even charge me as I raced out into the parking lot after him. Don't worry- I paid for the full cut a couple of days later, when he was over his Super Cuts PTSD.

I can’t say that he has the most stylish cut ever- he will probably never rock Tom Cruise’s carefully feathered Mission Impossible mane. But he does a pretty convincing McDreamy, without even trying.


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