One Light Thread Facelift!

Y’all. I’m delighted to announce that One Light Thread is evolving. And not in that creepy Alien hatches-out-of-egg way. I still have nightmares about that.

We are adapting the way we fund projects, what we write about, and to be honest, I’m thinking about cutting my hair short. But that seriously can’t be undone, so I’m just doing hair salon drive-bys for now.

You’re busy. You just want to get in and get out with a little more Autismland info, and/or a hip tee that does good in the ‘hood. So here are the deets… 

  1. We’re simplifying our project schedule, and will move forth funding one therapy at a time, one per month. Wanna buy the Autism tee this month? Your precious fivers will go directly --> here. Easy peasy!
  1. I’m retooling my blog to write mainly about the types of therapies we’re funding, perennial Autismland issues, and interviews from the lighter side of the spectrum. Plus I’ll throw in some commentary on current Autism happenings, book & movie reviews, and only the occasional post on my little man. Let’s face it: he’s cute and all, but he’s not the only kid in America with Autism. (He’s just the only one in my world.)
  1. And we’re doubling down on our blogging schedule: you can expect these new postings once a week. Let me know what you think! 

In the official pipeline: Joyriding in Autismland, a weekly podcast where I'll interview families, Autism therapy providers, writers, and thought leaders on some of the unexpected, charming, and funny moments on the spectrum. Email me if you've got a great story to share!

Oh, and head’s up that we may need to change the company name. I ask you: why are there so many businesses with similar names in the world? (And for the record, if you snag an available domain name for your website, it doesn’t mean bupkis in trademark-land.)

Looking forward to seeing you next week!



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