We Just Funded Our First Therapy!

Y’all. We are so extremely excited to add a brand spankin’ new page to our website. It’s for FUNDED THERAPIES (*beaming proud!*). Why? Because we just funded our very first therapy, 7 weeks of half hour therapeutic horseback riding lessons, for a super cool guy named Nick. It all happened $5.00 at a time, and it’s all thanks to you. Get yourselves in here for a group hug!

Borrowing a little radio communications terminology, we’re calling our funded page Five by Five. That’s code for loud and clear, and we’re keepin’ it short and sweet by documenting each kiddo with a 5-second video + 5 questions. 

I am thrilled to kick this generous journey off with Nick, whom I had the pleasure of meeting this past Friday during one of his lessons at Riding to the Top in Windham, Maine. Nick is an absolutely charming 11-year old kiddo who smiles constantly and communicates nonverbally, and his mom spoke with me about Nick’s Five.

  1. What does Nick love to do?

Swim! And listen to music.

  1. What type of music does he listen to?

His dad DJ’s for fun, and Nick loves all types of music, from country to pop to heavy metal.

  1. What’s Nick’s favorite movie?

Les Misérables, the 25th anniversary edition from Canada. It’s all singing, all the way through, and he has watched it dozens of times.

  1. If he could have any superpower, what would it be?

Nick answered this one with his gesture for eating ice cream. [Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind that superpower either. As long as I could still fit into some superhero tights!]

  1. What makes Nick laugh?

Almost everything. Hearing other people laugh and clap hands, watching their two dogs chase each other around at home… Nick is almost always happy.

Click here to see Nick's video.

The first couple of sessions of horseback riding were rocky, but Nick looks forward to riding now. He is happy and calm on the horse, which he demonstrates by making a variety of lovely sing-song sounds, and his balance and eye contact are improving.

I asked Nick’s mom about how raising a son on the spectrum has changed her, and without hesitation, she replied that it has made her more carefree. She appreciates simplicity, and has become more aware of the things she had taken for granted. She just loves seeing Nick learn, grow, and laugh.

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