Thread & Wing: Navigating Autismland — Kid Gigawatt Documentary

Autism, Two Ways

While Quinn and Jeff were visiting UC Berkeley (because as Blondie sings, "dreaming is free"), I decided that Roman, big sister Lucca, and I should do something fun! <-- italics used to indicate future irony.

Panic in the Gold Mine

If there's a canary in the coal mine, there's panic in the gold mine.

Sensory Underload

When you have to focus on something important, a little sensory underload is just what the doctor ordered.*

*This does not constitute medical advice.

Hanging Seven

After riding the gnarly waves at Montauk, New York, this past Friday with surfer Raul Roman.

Roman's new nickname? Surfer Boy.

Weighing in on Our Autismland Vacation

Although there's already a chill in the air up here in the Northeast, my head is stuck some time back in July while I try to figure out what happened this summer. The big question being if Roman evolved over 15,000 miles trapped traipsing all over creation with us, doing everything from making pottery to walking a tight rope to washing an elephant. I'm gonna go with yes.