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March in Podcastland

Y'all. HERE IN MAINE, THE BIG MELT IS ON. (Imagine I said that without shouting.) Winter has finally hit the skids, and all I can say is bring on mud season!

Here's what went down last month on the 'cast. By the way, I logged the 25th episode on Friday. I'm doing much better at this than with flossing!

Arts Therapy Spotlight: Music Therapy

Let me just start this post with a little disclaimer about my time in elementary school music class. Music + me = two.

The fact that I was tone deaf, couldn’t read music, and had poor rhythm didn’t go unnoticed, and I was assigned to that “important” trifecta of percussion instruments known as the sticks, the sand blocks, and the shakers. Love Will Did Not Keep Us Together. (Captain & Tenille reference, kids.)

Roman's Holiday

It has been a loooooong winter. So long, in fact, that I’m presently scheming to spray paint our yard green. Just the upper crust of the remaining TWO FEET of snow, mind you. I am nothing if not environmentally friendly. *toothy smile*

Green insurrection aside, I’ve been squirreled up next to the space heater in my office, spending my time on other warm endeavors: planning our summer break. And it’s gonna be a Costco-sized zinger.

Happy Trails, Cleo

The grim reaper darkened our door last Monday and left with our kitty cat’s ninth life. Cleo was a stray kitten, given to us by a friend of Jeff’s 18 years ago, and she has always been an alternately purring, silent, and sometimes yowling member of our family.

February in Podcastland

Here are the deets on the podcast episodes that you may have missed while you were frozen solid last month. Thanks, polar vortex! And even though our snow blower has seen an unusual amount of action this season, I STILL cannot manage to start the blasted thing by myself. Grrrr.