About Us

They say all roads lead to Rome, but in our case, Kid Gigawatt leads from Roman.

He is one of the 1 in 50 children now diagnosed with autism. A decade old, and one of the funniest people we know; always chatting up the ladies, graciously filling awkward silences with his contagious laughter and unique Romanisms. "We should write this down," we say over and over again as he churns out yet another corker.

Throughout the years, we've often dreamed of possible career paths for our little guy. Current frontrunners are IKEA Product Namer, Bouncy Castle Luchador, and Rock Star Stunt Jumper. A solid set of ear-muffs, and he's on his way - because Roman does not like loud noises. Stay tuned, we're figuring this thing out together!

Kelley (February, 2013)

Kelley Fitch, a.k.a. Mia Jeff Waites, a.k.a. Popi
Roller derby newbie; mother with 9 years in the clothing biz; blogger; podcaster; Former Huffy bike daredevil and Ultraman fan; father;
artist and painter